Mayflower digital comics are currently free to read and download!

CBR is a filetype used by comic reader software and is Mayflower's recommended digital format. Mayflower is also available on ComiXology. If you are interested in print copies, they may be purchased directly from the author.

Stay tuned for more information on a Kickstarter collecting Mayflower's first arc in trade paperback!

What is Mayflower?

Mayflower is a comic book series written and illustrated by Levi Hoffmeier that follows the adventures of the clandestine Mayflower Project as they flee from Earth in search of the first Faster-Than-Light engine and the means to escape a fully-colonized Sol System. After earning the ire of the utopian government, The Commonwealth, this impossible fellowship of broken hearts and lost souls will have to leave behind the accepted and the familiar to learn what it truly means to escape.

"To go on is to go far, To go far is to return." - Laozi

At its heart, Mayflower is a story of spaces - between people, between governments, between worlds, and between hope and reality.

2018 Appearances:
Feb. 16-18, 2018 - Planet Comicon, KC, MO
May 5, 2018 - B-Bop Comics North / Plaza Library PopCon
More dates to be announced.

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